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Pet Holiday Hazards To Watch Out For

The holiday season is just around the corner, and we bet you can’t wait for the festivities to begin. Nevertheless, before you start prepping the turkey and digging out the tinsel, stop and take a little time to think about the potential risks that the holiday season poses for your precious pet. Often, we get so wrapped up in the preparations and fun that we don’t realize that there are more than a few holiday hazards which could spell disaster for our animals if we aren’t aware of them.  


A prepared and informed owner is a responsible one. To help ensure that you know how to keep your pet safe this holiday season, here are some of the most common pet holiday hazards to watch out for.


Christmas Tree Dangers


Your Christmas tree may not seem too scary, but curious cats and dogs can easily topple a heavy tree and get trapped underneath, so make sure that yours is secured and stable. Stagnant tree water is another concern, since drinking it could make your pet quite sick.


Skip The Holly And Mistletoe


Mistletoe and holly both look lovely and festive, but they could pose a danger to your pet. Many animals will happily try and eat plants and flowers that they come across, not realizing that some are toxic or even deadly. Mistletoe and holly can be harmful if digested, causing issues like vomiting and diarrhea, stomach pain, and even cardiovascular problems.


Try To Avoid Tinsel


Tinsel may be a great festive decoration, but it could pose a real problem for your pet. That’s because nosy animals could still try and bite and chew it, where it could become stuck in their throat or digestive tract, causing issues like dehydration, severe vomiting, and more. Stick to biodegradable decorations where possible instead.


Choose Battery-Operated Candles


Candles create such a warm atmosphere during the holidays but are a fire hazard when left unattended. If not watched closely, your pet could get too close and burnt or knock them over. To prevent burns and fast-spreading fires, opt for battery-operated candles instead.


Keep Wires Out Of The Way


With the number of lights hung and presents exchanged during the holidays, it’s inevitable that there will be an increase in wires and batteries around your home. However, both are serious holiday pet hazards. Wires can produce a potentially lethal shock if chewed by your pet, who could also become entangled in them. Meanwhile, batteries can cause burns to your pet’s mouth and airway and would be harmful if swallowed. Do your best to keep your pet safe by tucking wires out of reach of your pets and keeping any batteries locked away.


Be Festive Food Savvy


It can be very tempting to share yummy holiday foods with our animals, but many of our favorite festive treats aren’t actually safe to be consumed by pets. Popular examples include chocolates and candy, which are commonplace over the holiday season but contain highly toxic substances like xylitol. Anything containing onion is considered bad news for animals, and the same can be said for garlic. We strongly recommend you keep your pet on a pure pet food diet for the duration of the holiday to keep things simple. Make sure that any plates are cleared immediately, and the garbage is locked and out of reach!




If you would like more advice on the best way to keep your pet safe this holiday season, please get in touch with Waco Animal Emergency Clinic in Waco, Texas by calling (254) 752-6100.

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